Continuing Airworthiness Management Support

Delivering safe and cost effective Airworthiness support for fixed and rotary wing aircraft within both the civil and military environments.

Continuing Airworthiness Management is an evolving regulated requirement in most of the world and the change to this model is expanding.

However, Upturn believe that Continuing Airworthiness Management should not just be a question of compliance with the regulator’s requirements, but should add value for aircraft operators. Our services are aimed at providing effective leadership, management and a tangible return on investment.

  • Services tailored to suit Part-CAT, Part-SPA, Part-NCC, Part-NCO and Part-SPO
  • Construct Sub-contract for Part-M services
  • Construct Maintenance contracts between Operator and Maintenance Organisation
  • On-site support (at clients location) or exploit remote working opportunities (where possible and practicable)
  • Pro-active integration with Operator’s extant SMS programme
Airworthiness support

Experience that counts

The group of associates that Upturn uses as consultants in programme management, change management and as airworthiness engineers are selected on the basis of management experience, qualifications and performance; without exception, these people have a reputation for making a positive difference.

Similarly, the Upturn Continuing Airworthiness team consists of qualified and experienced individuals who have worked in successful CAMOs. The breadth of experience that Upturn has must be retained, so we will keep our fabulous people by making our organisation a great place to work.

CAME Review and amendment

AMP Development and presentation for submission

CAME Review and amendment

Tech Services Support

ARC Support /Recommendation

Maintenance Forecasting

AD/SB assessment and recommendation

Reliability monitoring

Control of Technical Records

Electrical Load Analysis

Management of modifications

Monitoring defects

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