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Upturn does not follow the standard consultancy model; we recognise the need for that support model to change and move away from ‘fire and forget’ manpower solutions.

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Our aim is to support our clients in a smarter and more flexible way in response to their requirements. Offering a unique ‘intelligent’ manpower support system, the Upturn approach provides a flexible support option.

Traditionally consultancies have provided people for defined periods whereas Upturn will adapt our support to changing client requirements without the need for inflexible manpower contracts.

  • Widely recognised throughout the UK aviation industry for highly competent and capable leadership in compliance monitoring and management.

Flexible Assistance

Upturn have successfully provided interim programme managers, change managers, EASA post holders, leaders and consultants to major players in aviation, supported by an established and capable programme management office to ensure that we are successful in delivering for our clients, fully compliant to AMP, MOR, MSP and MOP industry standards

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