Our mission throughout Upturn is to deliver business improvements to our customers through bespoke consultancy support and Continued Airworthiness Management Organisation services that represent the best value for money.

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Introducing Upturn

Upturn was set up by a pilot and an engineer to make a difference to the provision of consultants, programme managers and airworthiness services. Upturn has successfully provided these skillsets in the aviation industry since 2016.

Upturn aims to:

  • Take a leadership-level accountability for all services to our customers.
  • Provide a stable and effective service wherever Upturn commits.
  • Retain a top team of professionals by making Upturn a great place to work.
  • Always provide our services at a “value-for-money” price.
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Best Practice

The company’s roots spread across the aviation industry from operating and supporting military aircraft in demanding front line roles, to the heavily regulated commercial sector where we recognise the need to support aircraft in a challenging commercial market.

We are therefore able to offer best practise, ensuring that our clients get the very best bits from across the industry in an attempt to fix difficult problems or innovate.

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